When People Are Determined, They Can Overcome Anything.
— Nelson Mandela

Our Goals for Alicia:

  • Respiratory distress is absent

  • Decreased confusion, fear, and agitation.

  • Mom (Me, Vivian) will be able to leave the house without undue concern for Alicia’s health.

  • Alicia is more alert, and able to respond to simple commands

  • Alicia never has any skin breakdown

  • Alicia’s Blood Sugars remain under control

  • Alicia remains free from infections

  • Alicia doesn’t have anymore seizures

  • Alicia will never feel alone.  Friends shouldn’t be scared to visit.

  • When Alicia is able to verbalize, she will be able to recognize family  friends and recall past events.

  • Alicia will have less tone, and will be able to have her Baclofen pump removed.

  • Alicia will relearn and enhance skills needed to perform Daily activities.

  • Alicia will be able to eat on her own without using a feeding tube.

  • Alicia will have a normal sleep pattern

  • Alicia will eventually be able to communicate and understand her Neurological deficits.

Workout with Reneu Health

workout with reneu health copy.jpg

It is our hope that with your help, Alicia will regain control of her life!