After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.
— Nelson Mandela


We are ramping up her physical therapy with the help of your donations.

Alicia will have therapy at least twice to three times a week up until we go to USC Sept 25th and see the neurologist for motion disorders. Pray, hope, cross your fingers, that the neurologist will agree that she is a candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation. She should qualify either for dystonia or Levodopa induced dyskinesia. If things go well, we will see tremendous progress physically and maybe, hopefully, it will also stimulate other parts of her brain.

What is Alicia like now:

  • She loves to fill up a cup of water in the bath and often toss it on the caregiver

  • She also enjoys pick pocketing, and pulling peoples hair

  • She smiles, she frowns, she pushes people away, and reaches out for someone to hold her hand.

  • She makes a proud face when she accomplishes something. 

  • She loves her yoga moves.

  • She loves getting her back stretched.

  • She loves getting out of bed and walking with her mom. 

  • She can feed herself with a spoon using her left hand with peanut butter and plain yogurt so it doesn’t fall off the spoon.

  • Also sometimes she will laugh when her Grandfather laughs. She enjoys feeling his face for stubble and rubbing the top of his head.

Latest Progress Videos

Photo on 7-20-18 at 5.31 PM.jpg